A Better Place

With the season of change in full force, changin‘ up my wheels from 2 to 4 has been top of mind. Still totally jonesin‘ for a hybrid, I was quietly reminded from a friend of mine that really, hybrids are not the way to go right now. They are over priced and leave more of a carbon footprint (in the creation of the battery) than driving a Hummer around town! He suggested waiting for the electric cars to hit the market.

I suppose patience prevails when all else fails.

Better Place is building electric cars to rid our reliance on oil and actually make this world, a better place!

PS – Shai Agassi and I are even friends on fbook! And we all know that levels of security of fbook are predicated on quality of friendships, right? Well, I can see Shai’s family pics! ha.

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  1. Ah – Better Place. It’s amazing that the former President of SAP and successor to Henning Kagermann (current CEO to SAP) decided to forge a reason to pursue his own dream – the electric car network.

    It’s amazing that he and others like Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla Motors and former CEO of Paypal), have decided that change needed to go beyond Hybrids, which were still forcing us to be dependent on oil. Instead, you can have a car that is economical to sporty (Tesla’s coupe is faster than a Porsche), run on pure electricity.

    The key is having a network of stations to re-charge and fuel these cars with “electricity” with the convenience of refueling your gasoline powered car.

    I hope we see this change in our lifetime. Perhaps this world will be a “Better Place”. Perhaps the Silicon Valley can make it happen.

    – Charles

  2. Ah Chucky! Thanks for the post. I hope you are the recruiting force behind this Better Place:) and can bring it North to Canada, stat!

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