Give Thanks!

On the eve of Thanksgiving weekend, here is My Top Ten list of what I am most grateful for, exactly in this moment, in no particular order:

1. My powerful thighs – they are big enough to keep me humble, but strong enough to give me the confidence to train for Ironman!
2. My amazing husband. He’s calm when the waters are rough, patient when I want to move faster and is able to solve all my world-problems with a simple kiss.
3. My running shoes – I am guaranteed to feel better & look better when they are done taking me on a run.
4. My new Style Statement book – it has just arrived and I feel a new, authentic career poppin’ out of the cover!
5. My inspirational bro who is absolutely committed to being the change in this world.
6. My Starbucks Journal – it holds all important dates and houses the crazy ideas I come up with at the oddest times.
7. My truly wonderful group of girlfriends – mothers, entrepreneurs, healers, boardroom mavens, athletes – all women of passion!
8. Yoga Class. Namaste.
9. Blogs, galore! I find heaps of joy in writing on my own blog and love the inspiration I get from others. No rules, totally authentic!
10. My determination to be passionate – I am simply too stubborn to sit on the side of the road and not live a fabulous life.

11. The fact that this list is published on C&D today – Check it out!

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