The Kite Runner

Movies are not my most favorite past time, especially when I get excited for a Rom-Com that turns out to be a disaster (for example).

However, a movie with meaning, projected onto the wall in a yoga studio with a great girlfriend to cry with takes the cake! If you have not read the book or watched the movie, I dare not ruin it for you, but I do highly recommend either.

It brought to light a few simple reminders…
* Judge not. Everybody’s got a story!
* Be Brave.
* Be Bold.
* Be Courageous.
… and never underestimate the power of a child.

I rocked out to India Arie en route to the office this morning – it is my unofficial theme song to The Kite Runner!

With heaps of gratitude for living in a such a beautiful place, with beautiful people who are bold enough to stand up for what they believe to be true. Happy Monday Morning!

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  1. Ahh bella, there’s no one else I would rather sniffle and eat popcorn with:) Such a thought proviking movie…
    Oh, and love the India Ire tune!

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