#18 – Learn the Ways of Nutrition for Life.

I’m over diets. I fear another cleanse. And frankly, the yo-yo eating regime, seasonal excuses and emotional consumption of empty calories is soo yesterday!

Alas, I have met the Nutrition God who lives, breathes and eats (ha!) in accordance to Canada’s Food Guide. She is a passionate dietitian, a fierce athlete and an exceptionally healthy human being.
To quote my favorite rapper, I have “one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything I’ve ever wanted”! I have one life to live and one body to feed – I’m gonna do it right.

My New Commitments to Eating for Life:
* Consume all my daily Fruits & Veggies. No excuses.
* Eat all day long (not typically a problem for me!)… only quality calories.
* Commit to at least one vegetarian meal per week.

* Take time to plan our weekly food plan! This only makes sense. I prepare for everything else in life, yet I expect that I can grab-and-go food and wonder why I don’t feel satisfied or energized.
* Listen to my body. If I am hungry, eat. If I am thirsty, drink (though hopefully I will have consumed enough H2O throughout the day that I am not dehydrated!). If I am sad, angry or lonely – go for a run outside…not to the freezer for ice cream!

Funny eh – not rocket science! But simple reminders of what is important and what can make a tremendous impact. I am bursting with excitement for new recipes – stay tuned!

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  1. Continually planning vegetable gardens in my head. Surfing the web. Getting tons of ideas. We need a compost box. Well rotted floor stuff from a local barn. Radishes are always first.

  2. Kajendo!
    I love your thinking. We should definitely get a compost box going in your ‘hood…it will power our veggies for sure:) Can’t wait!
    Add it to the list – wink wink,

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