#8 – And then learn ACRO-YOGA!

One of the many blogs I follow (read: stock!) belongs to the ACRO YOGi herself! She got me hooked on looking at these crazy poses. I can barely hold downward facing dog without my hamstrings screaming at me let alone holding someone in the air with my feet. But therein was the beauty – the impossible.

As per always – ask and you shall receive – so wouldn’t you know, Lina was teaching an Acro-Yoga class at lululemon in West Vancouver. I simply could not NOT attend. The secrets of the class were made clear: communicate effectively with your partner, trust that you will not be dropped and then just let go (of your hands). And it worked!

Bursting with excitement, I wanted to try it out after the class so begged my running partner-in-crime to let me try to “fly” her in my living room…

Gina’s hands are off the ground – she trusts me!
Turtle Pose!

Need to work on straight legs, but anything with a smile is okay:)

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  1. You girls are hilarious! Reminds me of playing yogi with my sister… you guys need her to come goof around with you… but she is type “A”, her legs have to be straight!

  2. I love it Steph!!! That was so much FUN!!! Next Thursday…. more AcroYoga!!!

    Love ya,

    g xoxo

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