The Courage to JUST DO IT!

As you may recall, I was blessed with some feedback to have more courage! While it may not have been exactly what I wanted to hear, it was valuable and forced me to take a stand. I made a commitment to DO more of it and talk less of it.

Soo, here’s the wee update:
1. A girl looks at short hair photos and likes it – so she chops it off! (photos to follow)
2. The same girl who feels completely inadequate when running with the pros finally sucks it up and joins them pounding the pavement. While I am sucking wind far behind, I am comitted to getting faster and this is how you do it. The best lesson of humility.
3. The to-do list items that don’t get crossed off but thrown out so I can start a fresh list – do not exist! The list stays active until everything is complete. It’s changing my life – my productivity and my feelings of utter satisfaction.

And my better half is the best example! He lives for the moment and is all about DOiNG it NOW…
He’s back to yoga class and has published his first photography website (still in the works – but how about just starting where you’re at, eh!).
Check it out:

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