The Man Behind the Speech

We sat with our eyes peeled to the television last night, goosebumps covered my entire body when the Obama’s entered the stage. Oh what a night! An amazing accomplishment for Barack and completely life changing, history breaking event. Loved it.

Albeit shallow, admittedly, while following this Presidential Election I was impressed by the marketing/branding efforts of the “YES WE CAN” campaign. The gracious acceptance speech last night followed suit accordingly. But the cherry on top of this election race for me was when my husband informed me who wrote Obama’s speeches. (You know – the ones that made you squirm in your seat and wanna get up and fight for CHANGE? Yeah! Those ones!)

It was this man right here – 26 year old, Jon Farveau.

Farveau worked on the Kerry campaign in 2004 and was approached by Obama after the failure that was Kerry. In true authentic Obama fashion, he did not look at Jon’s resume but rather asked him one simple question: “what got you into politics – what got you interested?”. Understanding Jon’s motivation was what mattered to Obama, not understanding his history.

Obama was fighting for change and was open to creating a team of change to make it happen. Jon’s role was to clearly articulate this change to the world… and I think he did a pretty darn good job!

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