I was driving home from the pool this morning, exhausted. The weekend was all kinds of awesome: it involved road trips and great friends, snowshoes and apres, and early mornings to get long runs in before said adventure days! The radio informed me that today was Blue Monday. Three weeks into the new year is when resolutions go bust, you feel like a failure for no good reason and if you live in Vancouver, you might have been stuck in a fog, literally, for the past 5days. Au contraire, I thought to myself! It’s less about resolutions or goals this year…there is a certain clarity that has taken over instead.'s a whale of a good time!

snowshoeing…it’s a whale of a good time!

2012 was a year of chasing…my life was way.too.full. I might have been in rebellion – but there was absolutely nothing that was gonna knock me off my proverbial horse last year. And it took a month in Hawaii to recover. The chase is hard work.

2013 is already off to a very different start. The year started at 12:01AM with one eye open, half a bottle of bubbles remaining, a sweet lil kiss and the only thought that passed thru my brain was “it’s gonna be a good year”.  Shortly thereafter, my goal-crushing story was smothered all over the world wide web. The video went viral, the blog post (not the smoothie-fib!) told the real story and then i had the pleasure of instagramming a day-in-my-life via @lululemon. I struggled with the attention that came with this video being live to the world. Until day5, when i was absolutely overwhelmed with the love notes from strangers, the long lost friends who reconnected, the ex-boyfriends who called to tell me “they weren’t surprised”, elementary school teachers and swim coaches alike who I hadn’t spoken to in years. The theme was consistent: inspiration. And I felt such joy every.single.time someone would tell me that that 2min video was all it took for them to put on their shoes and go for a run, spin harder at spin class, sign up for a new race  or get to their yoga mat.


I think this rather raw exposure of my 2012 story was the reminder I needed to simply trust in 2013. Trust that this journey is laid out for me exactly as it is meant to be – perhaps to serve my own goal-crushing-self or better yet, to serve as goal-spiration for someone else.  It makes me trust that early morning miles will be worth while; I trust that new career adventures will pay beautiful dividends; I trust I will feel wildly in love when the time is right; I trust that the beautiful coincidences will reveal themselves in due time. I trust that mo’yes’s and mo’unknown territory will remind me that the skinny branches are really mo’fun!

#truthbomb'd by Wharty

#truthbomb’d by Wharty

And I promise to never let the sun go down on a single day without an adventure! #youcantrustme:)

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  1. Hey Steph, just another love note from a stranger here :) Saw your vid on Lululemon, found your blog, and now I will be a devoted follower! Loving your writings…super inspiring. Congrats on your Kona finish! xo

  2. It was an incredible video.. a remarkable story, Inspiring yet a sense of attainability. Powerful.

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