Sunday night après in Whistler post a winter wonderland snowshoe;


Tuesday night fondue with the BeyondCrew;


Wednesday night a crew of us crowed around screens to watch Jacki Carr’s livestream from our yoga studio to jam on setting juicy goals and creating radical visions. It was the last segment of #readysetgoals for the month of January. What an honour to be apart of such a radical topic!


And as I jumped into my smart new car to meet the Man who makes me smile, I caught myself paused at a red light feeling sweetly blessed that I get to experience day over day, memories on memories that are worth cherishing. And pictures like this that land in my inbox, oh my!


Today began in the pool with Fletchy+Friends, quickly changed into Newtons for a run with Jaci and then hit a board room for a full day meeting of work that not only am I really excited about but get to look at thru a fresh set of eyes in a juicy new role at lululemon. Since 5AM, I’m so aware that girlfriends and greatfriends; laughs and love; delicious food and outside adventures…mixed in with meaningful work, is a recipe for my favorite life.

And my night is about to take off: dinner resos at my new fav veg restaurant in Vancouver and now OPRAH with Danielle LaPorte and her crew.  This is a REALLY!BIG!DEAL! because it was only 5 years ago when I first met Danielle (or DLP as I call her) and that moment in time – that tea date at JJ Bean on Commercial Drive – was really my version of meeting Oprah. #hugerespect The fact that tonight we get to experience this beauty of a soul together is uber cool to me. My Oprah meeting The Big O is a reflection that reallyreallyreally wholesome, beautiful women are making waves in our world and i’m freakin’ honoured to be in their presence tonight.

A full report, full of estrogen and mighty-woman-rooooarin’, will come tomorrow… xo

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