the end of my recruiting era; big love to my peeps!

It started as a 3week contract at an executive search firm known as Ray Berndtson Tanton Mitchell in Vancouver back in 2004. And I certainly didn’t think that would predicate the next 8 years of my fresh new “career” in Recruitment. Thankfully, those 3weeks became 1.5years working with remarkable partners (many of whom were rockin’ women!) and planted seeds of passion in my lil heart: that new career opportunities were changing lives – changing where people were living, moving families around the world and giving fresh perspective to entire organizations by bringing in a new leader. I was HOOKED. And that journey took me from search to tech to engineering and big box retail before landing in luon… (funny enough, it was mere weeks after my very first Ironman!)

When I joined lululemon athletica in 2009, our Store Support Center (SSC) had 250 people, we were fresh on Facebook thanks to Carolyn Coles pulling all nighters and feeling really torn if we should launch an ecomm site “because selling product online would take away from the community that our stores do such a great job of creating”. Chip still worked every day as the Chief Innovation Officer and would remind me often that “we don’t need recruiting Steph if we are doing a great job of being the law of attraction”. Three and a half years later, a small army of 1 has grown to upwards of 20 on Team Recruiting and collectively we have brought over 800 people to lululemon around the world! EightHundred heart beats have been impacted because of the epic recruiting team. It just blows my brains.

And last night I said good bye to these sweet souls as I will be transitioning into a new role at lululemon – rockin’ out people brand + strategy. So we had a night on the town that couldn’t have felt more appropro. The vegas rule did NOT apply and that is all i need to say about that. It has hit me that when I look back on these years, it is not the number of roles that have been closed that matter the most. It is every single meeting, conference call, jam sesh, cry fest, babies born, girlfriends + boyfriends that have come and gone, goals set + crushed, pervert town jokes…it is THEIR heart beats that have left the biggest dent on my Universe. I’m not sure they all realize their greatness, yet I promise to forever shout it from the tops of mountains on their behalf.

They left me an Appleton-created-candle-holder and a family portrait, both of which will live sweetly on my mantle:



And if there is only one thing I can leave them with it would be this:
Steve Jobs might have coined the phrase “stay hungry. stay foolish”…yet TeamRecruiting, please promise to STAY AWESOME! You guys really are simply the very best. Big Love, from your biggest raving fan.

Let’s go crush goals! xo

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  1. Congratulations on the exciting changes! You’ll rock where ever you go… I’m hoping you’re still in the same gorgeous place, so you can see the recruit team every day? xo

  2. This is really the 3rd post, of your website I actually went through.
    Yet I actually enjoy this particular 1, “the end of my recruiting era;
    big love to my peeps! « STEPH CORKER” the best.
    Regards ,Damon

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