A Hawaiian Weekend

I declared this weekend to be a weekend of nothingness. I blocked out my calendar and called it “holding sweet space”. (It takes serious effort to slow this tiger down!) After all, I was still drunk on Oprah #truthbombs and recovering my abs from a night of laughter with the crew on Friday. This weekend was meant to be a weekend of sweaty pursuits (as per coach!), kitchen creations and afternoon naps. It delivered just that and a yoga class to boot! It reminded me in fact of my time in Hawaii when our days consisted of a sweet morning sweat, preparation and noshing of delicious nutritious food and then contemplation of the beach or the lanai for the remainder of the day. On my long run this morning, LR reminded me that we can re-create aloha land here… and don’t mind if i do say so myself, i think i did a mighty good job of that!

So my #Oprahbombs are going to have to wait just one more day…they are on aloha time. (For the record, I did circle her home on Maui, in anticipation of seeing her, to no avail.)

What did happen in the kitchen however was this big batch of chili, inspired fully from Al Nystrom:


And these muffins… (If only i followed the recipe, I do think they would be delish, instead these are slightly gluten-retarded yet still very much worthy of sharing!)…(blueberry)Goat Cheese Muffins!

photo-241.5c almond flour (i thought 1c quinoa flour + 1/2c brown rice flour could substitute – i was wrong!)
dash o’salt+pepper
1/2tsp b.soda
1/4c olive oil (i used 1/2 of the olive oil and threw in some vanilla greek yog; this could have been okay?)
3 eggs
1/2 green onion (omitted, since they a. weren’t in my fridge and b. blueberry goat cheese experiment)
12tbsp goat cheese, cut into 1tbsp chunks (as mentioned, i used blueberry goat cheese and quite frankly, probably too much. #bigchunks!)

Al suggests mixing wet together and dry together; combine. Add to muffin tray. Plop goat cheese in the middle; cover; bake. (Clearly i failed to fully cover my #bugchunkso’cheese!) Bake at 350 for 20-25min.

This recipe is gonna get tested again in my kitchen…if for no other reason than looking at the recipe book:


of course goat cheese muffins require a goat!

And in other news, my guy shaved his beard this weekend and it has been decided that he is a serious Jude Law doppelganger. #WTHeck!

he looks like this. but happy. and not haggard! :)

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