What do Motivation + KinderEggs have in common?

Last week I had the sweet pleasure of joining seasoned marketing geniuses at a secret underground wine bar for a delicious meal full of nutritious conversations and libations, courtesy of Peter Reek. These Hot Mama’s lead remarkable organizations (and lives!) and I have the rare chance to appear on a panel with them this Thursday. There are a few tickets left, standing room might be available the night of and if you are in Vancouver, I’d show up! Beyond the women, there will be some special men in the house that I’m anxious to hear from myself. #BrianWong,whaaaaaaaaaaaat!’

Heidi, SVP Marketing at BCAA

Heidi, SVP Marketing at BCAA

At any rate, this meal came with pre-work and the questions caused me to pause in thought.
Questions like…

  • What would you say motivates you?  Where does your motivation come from? 
  • Have you ever watched someone sabotage their own career?
  • What does the goal setting process look like for you? 
  • Throughout your career, who has been the most influential in helping you achieve your goals?
  • What would you chalk up to your biggest career learning/mistake?  If you had one do-over, what would you?
  • Are great careers built intentionally?  What role does happenstance play in the building of a career?

And what I quickly realized while pondering these is that the motivation I have for my career (which is highly ambitious, btw!) is no different than the motivation I have to get out of bed at 5AM every morning (equally ambitious!) nor the motivation I have to see my vision of my life in 2022 come to fruition. Oh what a beautiful coincidence that none of those are independent events.

Now, when Newton sends me a box of new bright shoes – i’m highly motivated to run. Yet, when Coachie drops down a long run on the tready at much-faster-than-long-run-speed, i’m quickly not so highly motivated. (I think that in fact I’m just scared!) How quickly these feelings change!

just in time for the first race of the season, these bright bullets are gonna fly!

just in time for the first race of the season, these bright bullets are gonna fly!

Yet, what i know for sure is that my Coach is a woman I have enormous respect for (you will too – check out her 2013 race plan!). I declared I wanted to learn how to run, so she sends me workouts in a controlled environment where I can report back precise details as to how that experiment-of-a-treadmill run went. Yesterday was different though –  I discovered that I could listen to six TED talks during my run! I have uncovered a new juicy, meaningful kick of motivation while I suffer on the hamster wheel. And I’m really clear: my motivation does not come from someone else – good nor bad and it doesn’t come from wanting to be better or faster than anyone else. It comes from a sheer curiosity of what my body is capable of doing in this lifetime and how my lil nugget of a brain will respond along the way. Sometimes I run just to see what I will think about…it’s like a kinder surprise egg every single time I put my runners on…i just never know what I’m going to unwrap and find inside. And that transcends a treadmill –  it applies at work, in play and with love. Curiosity is indeed my finest form of motivation. Afterall, if the toy sucks, it’s always wrapped in something sweet. xo

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  1. Wow. Loads of food for thought. I would have had a hard time answering those questions only a few years ago. I was a round peg trying to fit in square holes. Little did I know then, that I was carrying the shovel all the while. Cheers to carving out an amazing life. Kinder eggs. Love the analogy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The best part of this is I have suddenly been listening to TED talks this year. Now I know I better save up for future treadmill sessions!

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