For the Love of Love!

On the eve of National Love Day, it feels only appropro to share things I’m loving…but let’s be honest, i don’t need a national holiday to gush on the love of anything in this life!

I’m loving…

Running! I’m loving running shoes courtesy of Newton, I’m loving running on the treadmill and I’m most definitely loving running new best times. This weekend was a half marathon pb (1:34) – a solid 10min faster than I ran a 1/2 exactly 1 year ago and this year it was done in New York Marathon qualifying time!  I’ve “tried” to run sub1:40 for a long time yet was never doing anything differently. Shocking! Got a coach, follow the program, run on tired legs and fresh legs, run long and run short and run fast when she says so, and the results speak for themselves. Two half marathons since Kona, two sub1:40 finish lines! See ya lata 1:40…1:30, i’m comin’ for ya!

Big love for Fletchy who was up for running with me + chirping one liners along the way!

Big love for Fletchy who was up for running with me + chirping one liners along the way!

(In the realm of running, I’m WILDLY IN.SPIRED by the lil rat we call Wharty who committed to not only getting over her hate of running, but running her first half marathon with a smile. She did both of those things and crushed it on the weekend. My love for cheering is only topped by cheering for a bestie cross her first finish line.) #soproudofher

Look at her soar!

Look at her soar!

Self.Love. It’s usually when I need to be reminded that this sweet vessel of a body needs to be taken care of and I book an appointment with one of my special healers: Hedi or Andrea. Hedi delivers massages with truthbombs that usually leave me rocked for a full day. I leave her table a looser, mo’gentler version of me. And i’m mo’bettah because of her. Andrea goes without saying. She is a lululemon favorite, yaletown’s best “secret” (cause she is hardly a secret!) and one really sweet combination of needle-until-you-scream met with i-will-change-your-life. She is currently baking two lil twin boys and what lucky lil ducks they are to have a mama like her.

Social Experiment rings. Created by a really radical chic named Georgia, one of these cool cocktail rings was awaiting my arrival back to YVR from Hawaii. My ring makes me think of Tofino on the west coast or the volcanos of aloha land if i’m craving some sunshine. They are all one of kind, they are uniquely west coast inspired and they without a doubt will spark some sort of conversation.



Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s Market. With our recent Spud deliveries, i’m rarely buying produce at the market yet it has become the new favorite spot for food truck brunch. We have a system down…one of us buys coffees, while the other waits in a line. We usually have one starter breakfast and then share something else. I usually pick the better option and he can usually eat more than me, so in the end, we both leave stuffed and happy:) And all February is double FoodTruckMonth…it doesn’t get any better.

really freakin’ remarkable girlfriends. Girlfriends who i once called team mates, who we once dialled into calls together, who we once upon a time would sit in a lil pod together. Those radical recruiting peeps and the cool cats surrounding them, frig…i miss them. I’ve moved to the other side of the office and there is no Mayor of Pervert Town and the GenXers over there keep it oh-so-real. It’s good perspective or rather a different perspective. And i’m not here to be dramatic, it just makes me really love those human beings – those chics who i took for granted being a laugh away from all day long. Now i get to call them girlfriends and what mighty fine girls they are indeed! #30thbirthdaypartiesawait #ohhhhhsnap #culturefits

Well, i’d be lying if i didn’t tell you that I’m mighty smitten! There is something to be said for the sweet love of laughter, for adventures galore near + far, for outdoor simplicity and living really cool lives. All of that is most definitely mo’bettah with this cat around. Not to mention, he came out to cheer with our friends during the sufferfest of a run on the weekend and that was finish line #2 that made me smile to see him at. He is hugely appreciated…for more than his warm jacket and giving me his bike to ride home from the race:)


LoveLove, xo

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  1. Steph, you just light me right up! Lulu and tri – you are living a dream… If you add in a little law, you are living MY dream. Keep going! Reading your blog and especially your goals makes me bubble with excitement. I am so grateful I found my way here. Not surprised, but grateful :)

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