KONA: Part 2 – The #irontribe

Just like that: the first week of a fresh new year is complete…I’m excited for 2016!

I’m also excited for every darn class that I lead at Method Indoor Cycling. It has become a really awesome community hub where cyclists and recreationalist all come together. (I’ve heard people mocking me at Christmas parties and my Man tries to recite my gear choices when certain songs come on the radio. It’s pure joy…well, pure sweat and JOY!) The reason why I’m telling you this is because to kick off the new year at Method we talked about ditching goals and really committing to what you will FINISH this year. <i could go on…but that is another post.> And after reading Bro’s wise words on completing last year, a gentle nudge from my ever-supportive-Mama and then a full on call out from a fellow trigeek, I am going to hit publish on Kona Part  2 and Part 3.

So here it is…and timely. Because Finding your Tribe and Loving them Hard has no start line or finish line. Your tribe is there for all types of start lines and various forms of celebratory finish lines; my love for the #irontribe is far beyond Ironman.

KONA Part 2: Everything I’ve needed to know I’ve learned from the #irontribe

PapaBear booked his ticket to Kona before the sun set in Whistler on race day. This man flew across the continent to be there. He shows up where no one else is, with his huge Canadian flag and loses his voice cheering right until the very end. He has taught me to always go the distance!

Chad is the definition of impeccable. There really is no other word for this man. His heart is huge, his hospitality is unparalleled, his truth is real and he has welcomed us Corker’s into his life with so much love. I have learned the power in preparing for dinner the night before, so that everyone can feast on love together the next day!

Barb has been my go-to massage therapist in Vancouver. She is usually fully booked between patients and her awesome adventures. What I love about her is that she always finds a way…to bring the massage table along and treat us with her magic hands, while still waking up before 5AM to go for a run. There is never an excuse from Barb. Ever.

Coach Jasper has served as a constant reminder in staying unattached to the outcome and focused only on the present – with integrity of your very best effort. While I’m insanely grateful for his coaching expertise and every interval he had me do leading up to the race, I’ve learned more from his pep talks on ego and the power of coke than I ever learned in school.

he’s also taught me to never take myself too seriously! #shirtsoff

Danielle booked her accommodation in Kona in June. #WTHeck! She just believes before you have a second to doubt yourself. She is a beautiful author, artist, poet + Mama; I show up to her house sweaty with protein smoothies – it’s a soul sistahood that just works that way cause we share hearts of equal size, function and passion! She has taught me that our heart truly get what ever our heart desires, and that those moments are indeed best when shared.

Danielle’s son, H was a true champ in the Kona heat, without one chirp of a complaint all day long. (IM is long for adults; I think it might almost be unfair to bring kids out on race day.) That said, it was the day after the race when he was body surfing epic waves and no one could out last him in the ocean that I found so impressive. I wanna have his relentless pursuit of pure joy and play in my life!

Mikey is my training partner in crime. Hours on his wheel, hanging on at the track and sorting thru life-logistics were probably more than a full time job. He is the king of doing WHATEVER it takes. And he has taught me that it really can be fun to work hard together! #funmatters (I’m seriously grateful to his partner Kyle for not only sharing him with me all year but also sending him to Kona as a birthday surprise. That was unreal!)

Matt/ Bro aka Captain Corker is the mastermind behind the #irontribe. He has an uncanny ability to bring people together to get excited about quite literally, anything. Yet what he has taught me is the power in believing in someone else, in their dream, more than they could believe themselves. If you need a dream catcher or believer, I tell you, Matt Corker is your Man!

DaveyF is simply the love of my life. I’m not certain that in this lifetime I will ever be able to properly thank him for his endless support. I don’t take one second of it for granted. He has taught me the power of love, truly.

Honourable mention to:
+ the #teamtrav posse who hung out with a really rad lululemon crew. They were there to support their pro athletes of team BMC and of course, I was so insanely grateful for their cheers – Trav’s words of never taking a moment for granted and Lauren’s virgin Ironman delight!

+ to the power of technology cause every last text, facebook message, TeamFranti’s video message, squeals from my Mama…they all meant something in the moments of butterflies leading up to the race.

+ friends and familiar faces of Vancouver – Britni + Warren are a power duo that really know how to make the dream work and I don’t know anyone who trains as beautifully + religiously as Britni!; MJ + Steve are the example of neverever giving up (I might have passed Steve in a portapoty and MJ’s cheers are always of pure surprise! I love that about her.); Barry + his family …cause once that man decides to go for something, not even a broken foot will hold him back. His relentlessness is one of my favorite qualities

+ TeamBicicletta – Graham + Kevin bring a level of calm, cool and collected cause GFox can ride circles around trigeeks, so I’m certain he thinks Kona is really no big deal! It keeps us real. ;)

This was the crew who made the week in Kona something special. Thank you! If this is the crew who I get to make memories with for the next 39weeks en route to Kona2016 and then for the next 390weeks thereafter, I consider myself so totally lucky. I’ve found my tribe and I promise I’ve got so many heartbeats of love for these people!

Now go find your tribe… xo

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  1. HECK YES for pressing publish on this bad boy!
    Insanely proud of you to this day for every smile, every step, and every finish line!

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