Leadership Lesson #6: A tribute to our Nana

In honour of Family Day this week in BC, it feels only appropriate to honour our sweet Nana who graduated to glory two weeks ago. I find myself stopping my my steps to think “what would Nana do?” more often these days.
She had a heart so big. An endless supply of patience. A sweet, positive confidence about her. Her values were strong, her work ethic real. She desired purpose and family; she never ever took one moment for granted. She wanted to create memories. She loved a surprise. And cried often over all things wonderful in life. She had cookies baked awaiting your arrival and a baby sweater ready as soon as you had news to share about a future child being born. She really lived quite simply with hardly a want in the world. She was as sharp as a whip and still emailing us on her 85th birthday!  The sweaters she knit will remain cherished family heirlooms. Her recipes will be framed and considered family legacy. And her love will live on forever. Because they just don’t make Nana’s like they made our Nana. We love you. Forever.
My Mom just informed me that Nana Ruth spent 17 years working at Fair Havens Bible Conference and another 20 years (!!) volunteering – she was the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director – a role she took so seriously! I spent my summers at the youth camp where I met best friends that I still cherish today, including my Main Man Davey.
So what do Nana’s + Summer Camp have in common? They change your life. And with that…it is the perfect time to share that we are recruiting for the Executive Director of Keats Camps in BC. All details of the role can be found here.
We know Nana would be proud.

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