Be a MAKER not a TAKER

I’m surrounded by remarkable people who are up to MAKING — when I see him performing, when I hear about how her latest book is progressing, when I eat his handmade sourdough, when when I giggle because he makes me laugh — my heart skips a beat. 

Because MAKING is inspiring. It is creating. It is GENERATING.

And when I get tired, I realize it is because it is much more comfortable to live in a world of taking. We make requests to meet people to take their knowledge, their network, their time. We take their energy. 

So instead, think about everything you’ve MADE today.

+ I’ve made a playlist for Method.

+ I’ve made over 80 people sweat on a bike!

+ I’ve made a smoothie for breakfast.

+ I’ve made an investment in my 50year old self with my favourite new skin care line from Rodan+Fields. #gamechanging (email me for deets — Nina Watts is your gal!)

+ I’ve made my room smell like heaven thanks to Saje’s newest nebulizer.

+ I made someone’s day — I told her to turn down the offer on the mediocre job cause there is a better one 2weeks away!

+ I’ve made dinner for my Man.

+ I’ve made wedding plans! (eeeeeeeeek!)

+ TeamCorker made a commitment to launch a special campaign on an Irish holiday! #tomorrow

Because of Matt Corker, what I know for sure is that everything is a relationship.  My relationship to energy is most passionately vibrational because MAKING energy is way better than TAKING energy.

Go MAKE something! Go make a memory! And most importantly, go make good on your word so that you don’t take (err, WASTE!) one single heartbeat.


2 Comments on “Be a MAKER not a TAKER

  1. I literally spent the last few days teary eyed thinking of all the creators I am blessed to call friends. It’s so true. MAKE! That’s what we were designed to do. We’re all in God’s sandbox together playing. xoxo

  2. I only read a select few of these, but you’re on the inner circle. First, congrats!!! How awesome, but we’re away for the wedding. Second, you and Matt continue to have some much positive influence on this family. It’s great.
    This is a formal invite for Easter dinner sometime next weekend with Matt and Chad. Interested? Will let you know the exact time.
    This is probably public. Oh well, everyone else will be jealous.

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