is it too late now to say…THANK YOU?

Stop waiting until it is too late to make an investment.

There was an awesome gal working for a great company. When she resigned, they threw everything you could possibly imagine at her “to get her to stay” — we will double your pay (you want USD? check!); your partner wants to move to Europe (we will send you to London!); how about equity (our stock price is gonna soar!)?  Instead and brilliantly, she advised them to take everything they were going to give to her and invest it into other high performers who haven’t yet resigned. Because for her, it was too late. 

He busts his butt to fill your studio. Granted, yoga teachers are grateful for the space to practice their gift of teaching – as the studio owner, you are way more grateful to have lit up, passionate people leading students thru their practice. Make sure he knows this. Because it’s too late when he walks down the street to the next studio…

What I believe to be true is: the investment that makes the biggest difference is gratitude. A currency that can only be given from the heart and received through the heart. Cause when you take the heart out of the equation, you are left with merely dollars and (non)cents. So pay your people well and treat your teachers like they matter; they will be grateful…and that might be the reason they stick around!

…and while it might be too late to make an investment, it is never too late to say thank you! After all, second chances are some of the best chances. Good Luck!

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  1. Gratitude is lifestyle, not just a practice. You, and Matt Corker, continuously hit home with your posts… You have an incredible gift to humanize and inspire our highest potential. Thank you!

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