The End of a Quarter | Q1

Whether it is your Q1 or Q3, the end of March marked 1/4 of the way through 2016. 

My favourite questions to ponder are:

+ what’s new?

+ what failed?

+ what got better?

What’s new | A beautiful yellow rock on my left hand! The Corker Co was born. A committed strength program with Davey. A Whistler log cabin #gooooal. 

What failed | My attempt to do pull ups. #notyet A lost bidding war in Whistler. A week of cycling in Maui (cause the weather won, yet I think my newly engaged brain realllllly didn’t mind!). My kombucha production — it is a positive vinegar mess!

What got better | Running – a half marathon pb! Sold out + waitlisted classes at Method (I hope they keep getting better, cause I so appreciate everyone coming out, rain or shine). Eating, cooking and creating real food at home waaaaay more often, with no alcohol. #gamechangerperhaps

My Bro and I rocked our first quarterly business review — Q1 is in the books. We approached this more from a place of “what did we want to do” and “what actually happened”. Biggest lesson learned: we realized that we hadn’t set quarterly goals. #gasp! This was some kind of tragedy. We only set annual goals and those were too far out. Q2 will be different… #sleepmetricsmatter.


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