Why I Race | Vancouver Sun Run 2016

10km running races used to scare me. They are short and fast. How do you pace? How long can you hold onto the feeling of uncomfortable? I have found longer races, like Ironman, to be far more comfortable because I have never realllllly been pushing hard — just going long.

I shared that I had 3 sweaty goals this year: a sub 1:30 1/2 marathon, somethin’ special at IM Whistler and another somethin’ special on the Big Island. I had a 4th running goal yet it felt too hairy, too ambitious to let outside of my heart. Because to break 40min in a 10km run would mean that I would have to hold my 800m pace from the track a year ago….for 10km! If that isn’t ambitious, I don’t know what is. (That is more than 10x for you start up nerds!) Context: it would also be a 5min PB. And a 5min PB in an IM would feel awesome, let alone a 10km!

Here is how my Sun Run went down:

+ Warm up with friends, trot the streets, feel inspired by their speed and wholeheartedly intimidated. Acknowledge the butterflies and then chill the france out…because practicing being calm on a start line only comes ON the START LINE. #noted

+ I had a race plan from Coach Jazzy that almost stuck together for the first 3km and after that….I was hanging on for dear life. It’s awesome to have friends to run with, chase ahead and play cat and mouse. And 7km is a much longer than 800m to exert this sort of effort.

+ I crossed 5km at 19:51 and crossed 10km at 39:51, which is a relatively evenly split run — yet hardly an evenly split effort!

What I learned:

1. Never take the pre-race nerves for granted. They only come on race morning. I don’t feel those nerves every other Sunday morning when I leave the house for a long run.

2. We really do have limits in only our brain and not our bodies. Yet when we experience them in our bodies…they hurt. My brain doesn’t hurt, it just tells me to slow down. Sometimes, it’s best not to listen.

3. I am not my finish time. It was great to crack the 40min barrier and I’m most excited forĀ a running race that starts with a swim. Because…IRONMAN!

4. Every single finish line leaves me exceptionally grateful to do something I love so much and undeniably inspired for the next start line. It makes me want to go to bed earlier, eat smarter and never take one mile for granted — those miles generate serious smiles!

5. Running with friends; watching my Bro’s boyfriend cruise by; meeting my man at the finish line — making sweaty memories makes me so darn happy. #iamsorich

So there are good days and not-so-good days, smart runs and harder runs…they are just like launching a business. And if you think you can keep “practicing every Sunday”, you will never find the limits of best times and breakthroughs. You miss out on making memories. It’s all worth toeing the line for!

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