Why do you ride?

I was inspired at my brother’s yoga class he taught recently at the Distritk. Before class begins, everyone introduces themselves and answers one powerful question. I wanted to try this on at Method. I wanted to know what was making people come to class week over week, waitlist on waitlist. Why did they want to get on their bike? 

On one special Wednesday morning, back to back classes, we made it thru 90 introductions. Instructions were simple: tell me your first name and why you ride? 

Here’s what I heard….

I ride for Ironman Canada. I ride for the Penticton Fondo. I ride to eat fries across the street. I ride to get a better butt. I ride for burritos. I ride because I want my wife to have sex with me. I ride so that my daughters are proud of their Daddy when he crosses the finish line in Whistler. I ride because she makes me. I ride for fresh air. I ride because I’m marathon training. Because I can’t run. Because I was hit by a car and now I can’t ride outside. I ride because I want to come home with a wooden bowl from Kona. 

And here is what I learned after class…

“I don’t actually ride for the mountains, I ride because I want the chemo out of my body.” – Cancer Survivor

“I don’t actually ride for my marathon time, I ride inside because I want to learn how to ride outside. Like, do you think I can do a triathlon one day?” – that girl, who is just like you, with a dream inside her heart

“I don’t actually ride because she makes… I really love it here!” – an awesome husband

Matt wrote a great post on “goals” — call them what you want. The purpose by which we chose to spend our time makes a difference. I turned to my friend who rides for the love of the shag and said, I hope you get lucky tonight!

See you on the saddle.

*spoiler: rain or shine — we are rockin’ out with a special guest THIS wednesday morning in vancouver. you heard it first here! don’t end up on the waitlist.

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