The Hustle.

There is lots of talk about “the struggle being real” and the “hustle being hard”. I often wonder: what constitutes “struggle” and do people realllllllly get “hustle”?!

This occurred to me after our recent trip to NY where the hustle was indeed real. We walked 23,000+ steps/ day. We rocked Uptown to SoHo by foot, train and uber with mere moments between meetings and really, just a dream in our heart that we would have the privilege of working with these remarkable leaders. You come home with proposals to send and veins pumping of inspiration. Yet what you don’t come home with is a pay check. And on Monday morning, your visit to the dentist isn’t paid for. And the “long lunch to catch up with a colleague this week”, doesn’t get expensed. I rarely know what day of the week it is and usually count on certain workouts to put the week in perspective (because Monday at 5PM could just as easily be Friday at 7AM to me). The hustle…is real.

It is hard to believe that it has been nearly two years of rockin’ this entrepreneurial dream. Thankfully, the dream is now a power-duo of Bro+Sis! A partnership that says “we’ve got this, together” — where we celebrate the awesome months and get mighty creative on the other ones. And then there are small glimmers that feed my heart and remind me why we do what we do…

This weekend, Matt attended Chuck + Lauren’s Love Party and posted this special photo:

” In 2011, Derek Senft and I were catching up over breakfast at Cafe Zen and he mentioned his sister – a figure skating criminology grad – was on the hunt for work. I walked into the office that morning and my team member – who was leading the annual leadership conference – pulled me into a room and said “I just really need some help.” I said – “I think I may know someone who could help in a pinch.” And we hired Lauren Senft that week at lululemon. When the contract role was done she shifted into the ivivva world and found the love of her life in fellow lululemon-er Chuck Cosman. A good reminder that new jobs change peoples lives, that you don’t get what you don’t ask for, and that sometimes an office romance is pretty darn awesome!”

I am honoured to spend my days truly..hustlin’.

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  1. LOVE this! I think hustle means different things to different people. Some people’s hustle is more intense than another person’s hustle. Keep your hustle going. Clearly you’re doing something right:) xo

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