The 5 Things I’ve Given Up in 2016 | Victoria 70.3

1. I gave up the story I wasn’t a runner. The story that I wasn’t built like a runner (cause i’m not!) was too heavy — it was time to lighten up!

2. I gave up waiting for a start line to be my very best. I chased the boys around the track every Thursday like it was a race (i think they knew it too!). Some days were better than others, yet every day was my best.

3. I gave up the excuse that I didn’t have time for a proper strength program, because, life is full ya know! Yet, gym workouts with my Man twice a week and our rad trainer Dylan make ALL the difference. Dave lifts heavy weights and I do squats. It works for everyone. (Dylan! If you are in Vancouver — you want…DYLAN!)

4.  I gave up pretending like body weight didn’t matter. Because carrying an extra 10pounds for 10hours is alotta work! I stopped drinking alcohol in December (yet champagne moments require…champagne!) and I stopped rewarding hard work or a long ride with a cookie. I stopped pretending like “eating anything you want because you’ve exercised today” was an appropriate strategy. (And if i could go on a tangent — I wish everyone would realize that Sleep is King and Calories are Queen. Food and libations that leave you feeling bloated, hung over, or crappy are hardly something to celebrate. And dropping weight/ managing body weight is a real thing. See #1: lighten the load, yo!)

5. I gave up sharing my goals out loud. I’ve kept them closer to my heart, for only my sweet inner tribe. Because gravity is a real thing. People like to judge and egos like to pull.things.doooooown. What if past results don’t always need to dictate the outcome of future dreams? (Note: I’m always on TeamYes if you wanna share the goal/dream/idea!)

I gave them all up … and then I won my first Overall Amateur 70.3! On home turf in Victoria, BC. With best friends on the race course, Team B78 in full force and Coach Jasper Blake at the finish line. I’m tucking this one into my heart cause first times only happen once!

…and back to work. Next stop: Ironman Whistler in 5weeks.

2 Comments on “The 5 Things I’ve Given Up in 2016 | Victoria 70.3

  1. Steph, I’ve had the pleasure of following/being inspired by you since I got started in triathlons a couple of years ago, yet have never posted a comment. I don’t know why I started training/racing in these crazy endurance events, but it is remarkable women like yourself that are able to provide such heart warming messages that keep me motivated to keep going and grounded in my own journey when it is so easy in this sport to get lost in the game of comparison. Hope to have you blow by me on the IM course in Whistler again this year and I’ll be one of many cheering for you the whole way!

  2. I am on a new journey of physical fitness, and your comments really came home to me. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to seeing your new blogs.

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