2016 Mantra | Believe it gets Better

When I was 13 years old, my swim coach told me to never miss a swim practice. What that meant was that I learned how to plan my life, thrive with routine and find joy in what might otherwise feel mundane: chasing the black line.

What I wish my swim coach would have told me than is that he was training me for life, not for swimming. To never miss a day! To always show up.

When I was swimming in my final year at University – fat and totally out of shape, I remember my swim coach saying “you will get whatever you want in life because the heart always gets what the heart wants – as long as the heart knows what it wants.”

What I wish my swim coach would have told me than is that figuring out what you want (like really really want!) is actually the secret. Cause once you know, then you chase the proverbial black line for it!

When I started working with Coach Jasper 3 years ago, it was almost as though my swimming journey was coming full circle. Because of all of the many things Coach Jazzy has taught me, the best secret he’s got is consistency. It’s not in the fancy stuff, it’s in the consistent hard work.

What I wish he would have told me than was that I didn’t have to wait to start believing in myself – consistently – either. To take the risk. To ditch the bad energy and find the flow. 

My mantra for 2016 is to “believe it gets better” — this was inspired by sprint finish lines in 2015 along with late nights and full nights to pull off work projects. I decided that this year, even when things were 100% awesome, I was going to leave room in my heart for them to just.keep.getting.better!

And, to put it very mildly…I think it is working! 4 days ago I married the man of my dreams. 10 days from now, I will tow my 3rd Ironman Hawaii start line. Both of these dreams were but a vision board picture back in 2011. Our wedding weekend was the best weekend of my life and I will never need to top it. However, the finish line on Oct 8th can happily jump in as the second best weekend of my life…because I still believe there is room to make this year even better.

What I know for sure is that when you practice consistently being your best — you get to experience lots of bests — best friends, best weekends, best times, best memories. And I never want to miss a day of it, just like my first swim coach taught me.

Follow along — I’ve got stories and tales from the lanai in the lead up to the second best weekend of 2016!

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