Pack Light; Fly Fast; Always Bring Family.

For the last 5 years, the only piece of luggage that I have checked at the airport is my bike. Otherwise, I am all carry on, all the time. I learned this from my sweet friend JoJo who used to travel for work on the regular. Mind you, she was travelling with luon, yet she told me she could make it two weeks with her wee rollie. #sageadvice I haven’t looked back since.

Here is what is packed in my personal bag:

+ my herschel go-to toiletry bag (inclusive of extra razor blades, my own bar of soap, a wide tooth comb, always a tube of papaw and rodan+fields face products).

+ laptop and chargers; moleskin and my favourite pen

+ at least one book or magazine for tarmac time (currently reading Meredith Kessler’s book + Brian Wong’s latest!)

+ an (empty) water bottle

+ vega protein powder, an energy bar, a pack of gum (golden rule: never go hungry!)

+ a collection of my favorite Saje products — currently travelling with an immune roller, pain release + pepperming halo.

+ currency of where ever i’m landing #cashisking

+ compression socks (hidden under my pants – #nerdalert – i’m okay with it!) and a vinyasa scarf (because air con sucks..the life right outta me!)

And I won’t leave home without:

+ my running shoes – specifically my Saucony Kinvaras and a running outfit – be it indoors or outdoors, whenever i get anywhere, i wanna run!

+ bikini + flip flops — cause, i’m aloha-ready regardless of destination

+ usually my own shampoo and condition

In my bike bag, along with the obvious (my bike!), goes:

+ racing/ training nutrition

+ water bottles

+ bike shoes/ outfits

+ all things bike: spare tubes, tools, helmet, etc.

(*Note: this will serve me as a reminder of what to pack in future travels. Perhaps it will help you too.)

What I know for sure is that we do not need extra baggage, extra weight on this Journey. Travel light and fly fast, by land or air my friends!  Because really really, having friends and family along for the adventure is all you need to pack! TeamClarker + TeamFrey are all together now…let the #ironmoon (really) begin. XO

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  1. I love that I am watching your race on my computer and reading your blog on my phone!
    Had no idea my cary-on only, left a mark! Thankful that a passing comment has helped you move a lil faster ❤️

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