That was 32; This is 33.

32 was amazing! Top 10 highlights of the most special year of my life to date…

1. Davey asked me to marry him. #bestyesever

2. Together with our amazing parents (and especially hard-working Mama’s!), we hosted the wedding weekend of our dreams. #campfrey

3. The Corker Co was born – Bro and I joined forces in business. The rest will be, as they say, history.

4. We purchased our first cabin in Whistler, BC.

5. Winning Ironman Canada! (This was so much more than a win — it was a team effort including lots of gym sessions at Better Bodies + lots of love from Coach Jasper along the way. It was also super special to share the course with my girls JoJo, Sianer + KatieC.)

6. My sweet bestie, DLP  took me away on her weekend with Oprah. (D is my version of O!)

7. Seth Godin jammed with Bro + I over his favourite hummus (and our business plans) in NYC.

8. The morning crew at Method Indoor Cycling – heck, I owe my bike fitness to the relentless and awesome sweaty people who packed that place!

9. Matt’s *SURPRISE* 30th Birthday – it was a family effort and perhaps the only surprise I will ever keep from him, like ever.

10. New Friends. New Clients. New Communities. If I learned only one thing last year it is the power of your tribe; community truly is our greatest currency. And as adults, I think we become creatures of habit and close to home. Meeting new friends (like real friends!), creating new communities and rockin’ out with clients across North America who are insanely inspiring were a highlight indeed.

Dear 33,
We’re going to some new places — let’s call it “next level”.

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