Big Vertical Bike Camp | Would You Rather…

The question was batted around at #bigverticalbikecamp: would you rather have a full time chef or a full time masseuse? My roomies both declared a chef. Our friends at dinner in fact also wished for their food to be prepared. Yet by the end of the trip, I decided that even though I do not travel all that frequently, the number of hours I’ve wasted searching for the best priced flights/ shortest connector/ lowest bike fees/ best airbnb has me wishing for a full time travel agent! (I’ll happily cook my meals and book my massages with the busiest-massage-therapist-in-Vancouver, Barb! cause she is so worth it.)

Every January, when I don’t feel especially fit, I pack my bike for B78 Coaching + Human Powered Racing’s annual training camp in Thousand Oaks, CA. It feels too early in the season and the fear of “not being ready” is what drives me to book my ticket regardless of my fitness. This year, the weather forecast had been looking especially sub-fabulous, yet we never seem to really trust the weather forecast….

Would you rather stay home where the schedule is predictable or head to LA where the weather is questionable?

We arrived to torrential downpour and a re-gigged scheduled pending the hourly rainfall warnings. Less than ideal when travelling with a bike and hoping to be climbing for hours every day; however, Coaches Jazzy + Mike really made the best of it. We had double run days, new trail days, awesome outdoor pool swim sessions and a couple of awesome rides. (Our room also had core o’clock dialled — Cogger brought the tunes and JoJo brought her six pack — the burn was real!)

Would you rather hang onto the wheel in front for deeeeeear life or give in to the burning sensation in your legs just for one hot second that has you dropped off the back of the pack and soft pedalling solo for the duration of the ride?*

Of course, you hang on! Grateful for the speedy boys + our local tour guide Andrew, not one moment on the bike was ever boring!

Would you rather take the 8AM or the 8PM flight home? 

Always fly home to sleep in your own bed, yet stay long enough to maximize every business hour! An extra day in the city meant for an awesome visit to our sponsor Coeur who got us properly race-ready (women run businesses: THE! BEST!) as well as a fully loaded afternoon running between meetings. I was the last person to board the last flight outta LAX en route to: home.

What this trip taught me, yet again, is that LA is a beautiful spot for beautiful riding — especially with speedy friends. It has reminded me that I might not be race-ready in January, yet I’m training-ready! It gave me excellent perspective that the training routine we have settled into at home, while it may appear monotonous to some, is in fact excellent. And mornings at Method are indeed (almost) as excellent at the mountains of Malibu. 

I’d say until next year…but the truth is, until next month cause I think we need a do-over of that camp! And 2018, we’re comin’ for ya! Big Love to Jazz, Mikey Neil + their rad crew that make this possible.

*Highlight of camp was my terrible sense of direction that had us miss nearly every turn and made for longer ride options. I’ll never cut a ride short. Yet the best part for 2018 is that not only do I know the routes, but I know the long way home too!

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