Keep Calm + (ONLY!) Carry On.

In preparation for IM South Africa, I was admittedly most nervous about the 30hr plan journey. What to pack? What to eat? THIRTY hours(#bleeeeeeek)! And despite my ferocious googling, no one said: put this in your carry-on and keep calm. (I wish they did!)

So, if you are planning a long-haul-adventure, perhaps to a start line, may this help in your packing pursuits…or in the very least, it will remind me of just how little is actually required. My travel mantra is always: pack light, fly fast!

In my most favorite Smith pack (because: big deep main section, perfectly placed pockets + ease of transporting helmet!):

Emerites in-flight bags (the best! useful for a million reasons at home!)// Coeur travel wallet (perfect for a bike ride + international travel)// turkish towel (basically a multi-tool for a woman who gets colds and craves picnics!)// my favorite pencil case (i always bring a pen, a sharpie, headphones + a few other lil goodies – it’s a desk on the road)// a card holder (it holds just the special ones)// SAJE (!!! basically: airplane requirements.)// lucas’ papaw ointment (it’s perfect for dry hands, chapped lips + chaffed race parts)// wet wipes (especially for cleaning down the seat and table in the germ-infested-travelbox!)// nuun (one canister for the plane + one canister holds my vitamins and melatonin!)// always bring a massage ball for feet, neck, shoulders// water bottle (1per hour, when awake!)// a reusable grocery bag (or just-in-case-carry-on overflows)// airplane snacks (featuring south african treasures here!)// a new book (i haven’t gotten into e-readers and i always buy a new read at the airport!)// computer (#obvi) and…my Smith TT helmet.

What’s missing from this pic:

Compression socks (already in the washer!)//¬†aloha-neck-pillow (i actually don’t get on a plane without it, ever.)// Passport + Nexus, because you should never leave home without…nexus and your neck pillow:)


My pack along with a carry-on rolly had everything I needed for 2weeks on the other side of the world, confirming that if you can pack for an Ironman with carry on only, you can indeed pack for most adventures without checking a bag! (Bike bag not included, of course.) And the travel secrets that I searched high and low for were in fact quite simple: bring your own food – eat it often; drink water; move your body when you can (including feet up the wall!)….and sleeeeeeeep your flight away.

Zoom Zoom! We’re 12weeks away to the next long-haul-adventure!

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