My 18th Ironman Finish Line | IM Canada 2017

*oh boy! i’ve started each race report with the same first line: “I’ve struggled with where to start”…so forget it! the struggle is real yet the only thing better than starting is finishing — so without further adu, the lessons from Ironman Canada 2017!

It wasn’t my best; it wasn’t the race nor the finish that I was hoping for. Yet, it was indeed another finish line, with lots of lessons and equal parts responsibility and vulnerability for my result.

You see, after my race that didn’t go to plan — which I’m learning, is in fact more often how races go — my friends are still my friends; my training buddies haven’t ditched me;  my husband still loves me. Heck, my Bro still wants to run a business with me and my Coach sends me texts like “are you ok?”. My people love me anyway!

I took a week off after IM Canada. We hung out at the cabin and did mountain things, without watches and heart rate monitors; with friends we hadn’t seen in way too long. Unfortunately, in the pacific north west we are seriously socked in with forest fire smoke making blue bird skies appear more like a constant smoke-pit. Yet, every morning we woke up and found a new trail, a new mountain, a new adventure — that of course, would have been exceptionally better with a panoramic view, however, the journey and the company made it worth it. We woke up and we went anyway!

So this brings me back to the race — a week ago — my 18th Ironman finish line and my 3rd Ironman in the last 4months of 2017. I got progressively slower this year. I got progressively more deflated and defeated instead of fresh and feisty. I knew it wasn’t going to be my day rather early on the bike when my HR was too high, too soon. While I of course leave room for magic, it was gonna take some kinda miracle to turn it around. Guess what — Ironman Canada 2017 wasn’t my race of magic, nor miracles; it was my slog of one foot in front of the other and a finish line that made me sad and incredibly sore. And now, with some fresh life perspective after sitting in the smokey haze, but of course… I’m so glad I finished anyway! 

Ironman Canada will forever be one of my most favorite races. It was my first Ironman back in 2010, barely crackin’ 12hrs. In my craziest, wildest dreams, I never ever thought that I would return to Penticton in 2012 to snag a Kona spot. Nor did I think that 5 years later I’d start with the pro women. When I look back on the miles I have logged to get to the start lines, I’m grateful for them all. When I look back on my results as a rookie pro, heck, I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t embarrassed and ashamed of where I’ve finished. That happens. Perspective of where I’ve come from makes me grateful to be here and the dreams of that sweet smell of potential is what will motivate my alarm clock to continue to be set for that special early wake up call!

I’m insanely grateful for brands who have stuck around for this journey so far. Coeur has provided amazing tri suits/ apparel, Smith has kept my head + retinas protected, Nuun has kept me hydrated, velofix has kept my bike on the road, bicicletta/ cervelo have provided me a chariot of a bike + B78 coaching continues to elevate my heart rate! I hope I can be the enthusiastic underdog who you can count on…who keeps going for it, anyway!

Because what if you fail? Or what if you flop? DO! IT! ANYWAY! …this Corker is not gonna stop! (And hey, you — you too — please don’t stop! Failing or flopping is a million times better than sitting at home hoping or wishing.)


PS — the crew of B78 athletes along with Jasper Blake, the redonk-rad #irontribe17, Jamie Armstrong + the Method-maniacs all made for a very special day. Their awesomeness deserves serious celebration…stay tuned! (Along with very special congrats to my friendly pros + the Ironwomen podcast for covering the day of amazing estrogen on the race course.)






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  1. You spreads a wave of magic every time you write. Maybe that’s where it went. Held in reserve to inspire the heck out of everyone else. You sure are right about sitting around hoping … nothing comes of nothing. Always a fan!

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