when inspiration knocks…

…ya gotta open the door!

i’ve found myself having a very repetitive conversation with folks lately. i’ve also found my heart rate to rise, my bum to move to the edge of my seat, and naturally, my passionate stephy-squeals are in full force…when answering the question of: “what’s next?”

the crowd that asks are a sweet mixed bag — some may be genuinely curious; others anxiously await to hear i’ve given up – you know the famous “it’s time” or “it’s been alot“; and most don’t actually care either way, but it’s nice of them to inquire.

many are right — it has been alot of IM races in the last few years — like, 12 or so. especially because doing many of them were not planned, yet rather reactions to failed attempts to qualify for Kona. yet those failed attempts remain my most favorite races, because i was ALWAYS inspired to get to the next start line. in many regards, taking my pro card this year could also have been considered “a failed attempt” – not in any sort of self-deprecating way, simply a tough go. and yet again, the inspiration remains.

this time though it is a little bit different — the stakes are higher and i care more than ever. i am also acutely aware of the desire to grow a business globally and (hopefully) a family locally. i especially care about women staying in sport as examples of living whole, sweaty lives while being of enormous contribution to how companies are run, with thriving relationships. i care that we never let a dream go to waste!

all of this to say, it was a special day to have lunch with my Father-in-law who so proudly announced at our wedding that he in fact holds the Frey Family marathon record. one of my 2017 goals was to chase him down in an IM and while that didn’t quite happen, i’m very excited to focus on my run and chase this family record in my 4th marathon attempt this year!

inspiration! she just. keeps. on. knocking! what i know for sure is that inspiration is not a renewable resource. for as long as we wake up inspired, we owe it to ourselves to do something about it.

see you at the races!

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