I am Stephanie Corker Irwin…a daughter… a sister… a wife… a friend… a lover. I am an athlete in the making. I am an idea tank… an ambitious dreamer…a risk taker… a goal setter…a list writer and a life seeker. I am a grateful soul.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, WHO AM I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
I ditched my morning long run for a morning yoga class. I watched the sun rise over the snow capped mountains. I chanted Omm and asked myself …WHO AM I exactly in this moment?

I dedicate this post to my dear friend Jessica Kirkwood as she becomes all that she knows is within her!

WHO ARE YOU? Namaste, my friends.

iDEA #2: National Pride in National Athletics

I was moved on the streets of Vancouver when I watched the ITU Triathlon World Cup race in June. The streets lined with copious spectators, only few of which were Canadians. The Americans were in full force, as per always. The Kiwis were representin’, the Aussie’s flags were hangin’, but the Maple Leaf was hardly visible. It made me stop to think either Canadians (esp Vancouverites) are either: a) turned off by the weather – lame, typical Vancouver excuse or b) totally ignorant.
Granted, the tax dollars invested in our athletes are dismal and shameful as a Country, I believe that there simply MUST be an alternative. I believe that if our country had a better understanding of what it takes to be a high performing athlete than we would be faster to support!

I’d like to propose hosting a reality TV Show on the day in the life of High Performing Athletes. I have a full business plan, program guideline and guest appearance list created and ready to go! This show would educate the uneducated, motivate the up ‘n comers and inspire those new to sport…and perhaps, just perhaps help Canadian Athletes in their quest for excellence in sport! (It appears the USA has something similar – quelle surprise? Not so much – they understand national pride.)

Shout out to Thomas Skinner – I think he wishes Canadians would ride more bikes and drive less cars, work less and grocery shop more (fresh produce!)! The dude was almost killed by a woman…in a mini-van…if only she knew she was takin’ down one of Canada’s finest cyclist!

So this is my call out to the Universe for the Executive Producer of CBC or CTV (or the next greatest network!) to contact me here so we can launch in preparation for Vancouver 2010 and London 2012!

(Aside: I share these ideas with you not because I think I have fabulous ideas, but because verbalizing ideas, thoughts, dreams and ambitions tend to be the first step to successful completion! And celebrating the first step in the right direction is pretty darn fabulous to me. Stay tuned…there is more to come!)

Everyday Matters.

Live each day like it’s your last, because one day you’ll be right.

It seems that it takes a serious life scare, most often a death of a loved one, to commit (truly commit’!) to livin’ a life of purpose and of meaning. I found an interesting calculator that I want to share with you…

The Life Calculator – How Many Days Do You Have Left?

1. 365 x (your current age) = # of days you have been alive
2. 27, 375 – (# of days you have been alive) = # of days remaining!

The average life span is 27,375 days. So if you are lucky, you will surpass this and have more life to live.

I have approx. 18,250 days left to live…and there will be heaps of life in those days, lemme tell you! How many days do YOU have left?

iDEA #1 – Dating @ Whole Foods/Capers

In light of my recent promise, I am going to start sharing with you some random, crazy ideas that consume real estate in my brain and therefore, also often my energy (as I try very hard to implement!). I share with with you as a means to fill my karma cup and spread some innovative wisdom around the pond. I typically don’t ever have a winning idea, but I do take pride in coming up with some crazy thoughts that typically provoke others to manipulate into something quality. So, here I am on, going on a limb…to share with you crazy idea #1!

Dating at Whole Foods/Capers.

Preface: I am happily and joyfully married! Yet, I do have several close friends who are serious catches who happen to be single and THIS boggles my mind. Clearly, there has to be a solution.
E-dating is a saturated market. Executive Search dating is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for “fate”. And getting swept off your feet by Prince Charming on the corner of Granville and Robson is about as likely as Sarah Palin successfully running the USA!
So I am taken back to the good, old wholesome roots of the necessity in life: groceries. We all need to eat.

What if when you walked into Whole Foods, you picked up a red basket if you are single and open to chatting with men and picked up a black basket if you are taken or otherwise not interested in being spoken to. It will be CLEARLY marketed and publicized to the population. (Who doesn’t love a great marketing campaign!) And really, is there anything cuter than being hit on “by mistake”?

So you bring the pasta, I’ll bring the sauce – dinner at your house?!

They met at a grocery store in 2003 and were wed 6months later!

After all, John made it clear that his intent in creating Whole Foods was to meet a wife. I sent John a note on his blog with this idea and a suggestion to run a pilot in one of the stores in the Vancouver area. I did get a note back from his PR department, but that is as far as it went.

Do you know John? Can you please share the idea with him? The single hotties thank you!

16. Get in my grove with 5AM wake up calls and an endorphin rush before work.

Why do I love the mornings so much? What is it about getting into the shower feeling sweaty from a run that is soo satisfying?

It is the sense of accomplishment – personal accomplishment that no one but I am responsible for. No one dragged me out of bed. No one ran for me.

5AM was a brilliant hour during the summer when the sun would rise at 6AM to light the rest of the way for you. However, now it is dark when I start and it is still just as dark when I finish. The streets are quiet, my headlamp lights the way and I can hear myself pant up the hills.

When the world is sleeping, you should try getting up for a dose of morning meditation, a yoga class or perhaps even a run. There is no better way to start the day!



Mix Together:
1 1/4c ww flour
1/2c chopped pecans
1/2c ground flax
1/3c brown sugar
1tsp baking powder
1/2tsp baking soda
some cinnamon & nutmeg
dash o’salt

In another bowl, mix:
2 medium carrots (peeled & grated)
1 large zucchini (grated)
1/2c plain (low fat) yog
2 large eggs (yolks only in here – keep whites separate)
lotsa finely grated orange zest to add some kick!

Beat egg whites until shiny with stiff peaks.

Add wet to dry and mix well. Then fold in egg whites. (Additional ingredients like raisins are delish to toss in too!)

Preheat oven to 400. Line muffin tin with cooking spray (or reuseable liners!). Fill each cup to the brim. (Should make a generous dozen!) Bake for 20-25min or until a toothpick comes out clean.


A Tribute from Miss Kirkwood

I created this blog to share all things fabulous that I am truly grateful for. My special friend Jess and her beautiful perspective on life is most definitely blog-worthy!

Hello Class,

As I pondered on what I could present my tribute on, I thought to the speech gave to my best friend at her winter wedding last year… or I could talk about my wonderful and talented little brother…or even about my little rascal cat, Fuji, and how he is able to hop on top of a door and tap the top of your head as you walk through it…

But Catherine (our teacher) wanted emotion, so I’ll GIVE you emotion…

What better tribute than to my parents… who have taught me one of the greatest lessons in life; that of love… understanding it from the inside out.

Now… don’t get me wrong…. My parents DESPISE each other…

My mom… she’s so supportive… so beautiful… she has short blonde hair, blue eyes, a bright smile… she’s a school teacher… she’s passionate about life and one of the biggest optimists that I know….

My dad… he is handsome…tall…lean…he’s so kind… so giving… witty and sarcastic. He’s a graphic artist and is such a gentle man….

But my parents started to fall apart nearly 25 years ago. If they could have anticipated it then…. been patient…. stood in each other’s shoes instead of their own….perhaps I wouldn’t be telling you this story right now…. perhaps their relationship would be stronger…. full of balance….. and they’d be like those old couples you see…… still gazing into each others eyes, while sitting on a park bench and feeding the birds…..

25 years ago was the point in time when I was born, such a GLOOOORIOUS day…but… not uncommon…a time when my mom unfortunately developed post partum depression.

My mom was falling, and my dad just couldn’t catch her…. he didn’t know how. I can only imagine the guilt that must have ate away at him for not understanding how to help the woman he loved….

My mom’s dad left her at the age of 7, causing unbeknown to her at the time, a deep sense of rejection and abandonment.

We all know that guilt… and loneliness… they just don’t mix well.

Now my mom seeked help, she became stronger and more confident… understanding herself better… but she was FULL of resentment towards my dad…

If only they would have been able to understand themselves better…. then MAYBE they could have been more compassionate and willing to understand each other…. patience IS… as they say… a virtue.

There was never any yelling; just love, support and acceptance towards my brother and I. They were such wonderful parents…but such misunderstood partners. Putting more understanding and passion into their jobs than their marriage…

They eventually separated… actually I remember sitting my mom down and being like
“LOOK….this thing you and dad have going on…. It’s JUST not working…” I remember being calm and actually wanting it…. for their own sake.

But I couldn’t have anticipated that their hatred for each other could reach such great heights….and what the result would be…. and thus the lessons I could take from it all…

They got separate houses and barely spoke… if they did it was fairly cold and nasty… fair enough…… at that time I didn’t expect any different….

However, my dad became severely depressed…… much more than he had been years prior. He was scared…. doubtful of life…. Panicked…. and felt he had failed as a parent and husband.

That’s not the way I viewed him AT ALL however…. I KNEW he needed to be alone to heal his life. He couldn’t hear me though…. he was in a state like my mother was years ago… scared… alone and panicked…

I’ve learned that we can lend a helping hand… but we are all accountable for our own happiness inside… that is no one’s responsibility to take on but our own….

As for my mom, like most middle-aged women, she got stronger. Kind of that ‘I am WOMAN, hear me ROAR’ mentality….

She went back to University and graduated with high grades… she was so peaceful… but then sadly her mother died… she had a stroke…and discovered she had developed terminal 4 cancer…

I remember so vividly lying beside her in her bed at night during that time…. she was so weak…. Frail…. Her skin was pasty white… and her hair was nothing but little fuzz on the top of her head….

I remember feeling this doom and helplessness in my chest…… I wasn’t ready for the only person I trusted in this world to leave me….

The smell of the toxins in her room… the clicking of the port in her chest as the chemicals filled her bloodstream… I remember wanting to rip it out from body… at that time I had so much love in me that I felt sick… life just seemed so unfair.

I would stare at her as she fell asleep, stroking her head… I would pray…. then wait until she fell asleep until I cried uncontrolably… I couldn’t let her hear me cry… I wanted to stay strong and optimistic for her…. we couldn’t both fall apart….

Now my dad was still not well… but he would come over… he bought her groceries, took care of her dog on occasion. He never went into her room to look at her… he’d talk from behind the door….. I think he was scared…..sometimes its easier to become numb than to face reality….

Miraculously… today….my mom is strong and healthy. She’s back in FULL FORCE… and when I say that… its not always one of her most admirable qualities J

And ahhhh… my parents are back to despising each other!

They are both with new companions who are able to help them understand themselves more fully… how to be more patient beings…. well, my mom is with a handsome and charming man… and well, my dad is seeing a therapist J

About a year ago I asked my mom… “if dad were still alone… and dying… would you take care of him?”

She paused… and said… yes.

It’s just fascinating to me… that not until we are faced with death…. will we be willing to let go of ego…. And pride….

My mom and dad, with all of their problems….. have taught me such a HUGE life lesson:

Understand yourself and love yourself before you take on the responsibility and the GIFT of loving another…..

Be honest with yourself…. don’t just put the blame on another….

Be patient…. be humble… be TRULY compassionate… listen without speaking… and realize its very honorable to admit humility….

But perhaps most of all… to realize that deep down…. after decades of building walls that block each other from view… Hidden behind all of the barriers that separate us…. is a beating heart… And the SOLE purpose of the heart… to love….

The Resume of a Blissologist

My day job consists of viewing and scouring the web for resumes. Secretly, I love learning about what makes people tick, what they’ve done that is fabulous (obviously!) and where their ambition and motivation for the future lie. Unfortunately, not everyone is bold enough to share this on a resume, but most will disclose their secrets if you ask them. 

To that end, I have found the most wonderful resume a recruiter could ever stumble upon…Enjoy!
Life as a blissologist seems pretty happy:)

24. Determine my purpose in life…it may have something to do with my fascination and admiration for budding, passionate, (female) entrepreneurs!

So I’ve lived and I’ve learned. (And I understand this is just the beginning of alot more of the former and the latter!) But I have arrived at a most beautiful place. I wish I could share the newest hottest idea of my life with the world…but the timing is just not right, yet. My wish for anyone who reads this blog is that you never sit still and never lose your sense of wonder. May you never fear those mountains in the distance and never settle for the path of least resistance.

SHE’s! NOT! Just a Pretty Face. SHE’s! GOT! Everything it Takes!

The Courage to JUST DO IT!

As you may recall, I was blessed with some feedback to have more courage! While it may not have been exactly what I wanted to hear, it was valuable and forced me to take a stand. I made a commitment to DO more of it and talk less of it.

Soo, here’s the wee update:
1. A girl looks at short hair photos and likes it – so she chops it off! (photos to follow)
2. The same girl who feels completely inadequate when running with the pros finally sucks it up and joins them pounding the pavement. While I am sucking wind far behind, I am comitted to getting faster and this is how you do it. The best lesson of humility.
3. The to-do list items that don’t get crossed off but thrown out so I can start a fresh list – do not exist! The list stays active until everything is complete. It’s changing my life – my productivity and my feelings of utter satisfaction.

And my better half is the best example! He lives for the moment and is all about DOiNG it NOW…
He’s back to yoga class and has published his first photography website (still in the works – but how about just starting where you’re at, eh!).
Check it out: