The Man Behind the Speech

We sat with our eyes peeled to the television last night, goosebumps covered my entire body when the Obama’s entered the stage. Oh what a night! An amazing accomplishment for Barack and completely life changing, history breaking event. Loved it.

Albeit shallow, admittedly, while following this Presidential Election I was impressed by the marketing/branding efforts of the “YES WE CAN” campaign. The gracious acceptance speech last night followed suit accordingly. But the cherry on top of this election race for me was when my husband informed me who wrote Obama’s speeches. (You know – the ones that made you squirm in your seat and wanna get up and fight for CHANGE? Yeah! Those ones!)

It was this man right here – 26 year old, Jon Farveau.

Farveau worked on the Kerry campaign in 2004 and was approached by Obama after the failure that was Kerry. In true authentic Obama fashion, he did not look at Jon’s resume but rather asked him one simple question: “what got you into politics – what got you interested?”. Understanding Jon’s motivation was what mattered to Obama, not understanding his history.

Obama was fighting for change and was open to creating a team of change to make it happen. Jon’s role was to clearly articulate this change to the world… and I think he did a pretty darn good job!



The Bro & Sis dynamic-duo have created a video submission to BC Hydro’s “Invent the Future” contest.

We believe that life is meant to be spent doing what you love with those you love. We believe that by turning off your lights, you turn on your life and that is just the first step in making this world a better and greener place. Check out our video:

Voting deadline is November 4th so please vote now. …and be sure to pass it along to all of your friends!

With heaps of appreciation,
Matt Corker & Steph Corker Irwin

PS – A very special THANKS to all of our actors/actresses! :)

“There is no business to be done on a dead planet”. – David Suzuki

#8 – And then learn ACRO-YOGA!

One of the many blogs I follow (read: stock!) belongs to the ACRO YOGi herself! She got me hooked on looking at these crazy poses. I can barely hold downward facing dog without my hamstrings screaming at me let alone holding someone in the air with my feet. But therein was the beauty – the impossible.

As per always – ask and you shall receive – so wouldn’t you know, Lina was teaching an Acro-Yoga class at lululemon in West Vancouver. I simply could not NOT attend. The secrets of the class were made clear: communicate effectively with your partner, trust that you will not be dropped and then just let go (of your hands). And it worked!

Bursting with excitement, I wanted to try it out after the class so begged my running partner-in-crime to let me try to “fly” her in my living room…

Gina’s hands are off the ground – she trusts me!
Turtle Pose!

Need to work on straight legs, but anything with a smile is okay:)

Wise Words of the Day

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs—ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
Thanks Howard Thurman!

#18 – Learn the Ways of Nutrition for Life.

I’m over diets. I fear another cleanse. And frankly, the yo-yo eating regime, seasonal excuses and emotional consumption of empty calories is soo yesterday!

Alas, I have met the Nutrition God who lives, breathes and eats (ha!) in accordance to Canada’s Food Guide. She is a passionate dietitian, a fierce athlete and an exceptionally healthy human being.
To quote my favorite rapper, I have “one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything I’ve ever wanted”! I have one life to live and one body to feed – I’m gonna do it right.

My New Commitments to Eating for Life:
* Consume all my daily Fruits & Veggies. No excuses.
* Eat all day long (not typically a problem for me!)… only quality calories.
* Commit to at least one vegetarian meal per week.

* Take time to plan our weekly food plan! This only makes sense. I prepare for everything else in life, yet I expect that I can grab-and-go food and wonder why I don’t feel satisfied or energized.
* Listen to my body. If I am hungry, eat. If I am thirsty, drink (though hopefully I will have consumed enough H2O throughout the day that I am not dehydrated!). If I am sad, angry or lonely – go for a run outside…not to the freezer for ice cream!

Funny eh – not rocket science! But simple reminders of what is important and what can make a tremendous impact. I am bursting with excitement for new recipes – stay tuned!

The Kite Runner

Movies are not my most favorite past time, especially when I get excited for a Rom-Com that turns out to be a disaster (for example).

However, a movie with meaning, projected onto the wall in a yoga studio with a great girlfriend to cry with takes the cake! If you have not read the book or watched the movie, I dare not ruin it for you, but I do highly recommend either.

It brought to light a few simple reminders…
* Judge not. Everybody’s got a story!
* Be Brave.
* Be Bold.
* Be Courageous.
… and never underestimate the power of a child.

I rocked out to India Arie en route to the office this morning – it is my unofficial theme song to The Kite Runner!

With heaps of gratitude for living in a such a beautiful place, with beautiful people who are bold enough to stand up for what they believe to be true. Happy Monday Morning!

Give Thanks!

On the eve of Thanksgiving weekend, here is My Top Ten list of what I am most grateful for, exactly in this moment, in no particular order:

1. My powerful thighs – they are big enough to keep me humble, but strong enough to give me the confidence to train for Ironman!
2. My amazing husband. He’s calm when the waters are rough, patient when I want to move faster and is able to solve all my world-problems with a simple kiss.
3. My running shoes – I am guaranteed to feel better & look better when they are done taking me on a run.
4. My new Style Statement book – it has just arrived and I feel a new, authentic career poppin’ out of the cover!
5. My inspirational bro who is absolutely committed to being the change in this world.
6. My Starbucks Journal – it holds all important dates and houses the crazy ideas I come up with at the oddest times.
7. My truly wonderful group of girlfriends – mothers, entrepreneurs, healers, boardroom mavens, athletes – all women of passion!
8. Yoga Class. Namaste.
9. Blogs, galore! I find heaps of joy in writing on my own blog and love the inspiration I get from others. No rules, totally authentic!
10. My determination to be passionate – I am simply too stubborn to sit on the side of the road and not live a fabulous life.

11. The fact that this list is published on C&D today – Check it out!

A Better Place

With the season of change in full force, changin‘ up my wheels from 2 to 4 has been top of mind. Still totally jonesin‘ for a hybrid, I was quietly reminded from a friend of mine that really, hybrids are not the way to go right now. They are over priced and leave more of a carbon footprint (in the creation of the battery) than driving a Hummer around town! He suggested waiting for the electric cars to hit the market.

I suppose patience prevails when all else fails.

Better Place is building electric cars to rid our reliance on oil and actually make this world, a better place!

PS – Shai Agassi and I are even friends on fbook! And we all know that levels of security of fbook are predicated on quality of friendships, right? Well, I can see Shai’s family pics! ha.

Happiness: Our Birthright

In light of the current state of our economy, here are my profound thoughts…

Through the centuries mankind has believed to be really happy, one had to be more, have more, succeed more, to be truly happy. Happiness does not come from outside; it is manufactured inside.
Still livin’ the dream, happy as a clam, determined to be a CHO!