got heart? let’s beat.

I am so proud to be the co-founder of The Corker Company with my Bro, Matt Corker. Together, we work with companies who care about their health, their happiness, and their bottom line. We believe that sweaty elevated heartbeats will change the world. Be it a start line of a race, a new business or a new way of thinking, we are here to be your thoughtful left brain, creative right brain or perhaps most importantly, your raving fan. It’s all about the Heart and the Hustle!

Danielle LaPorte
Stitch Fix
Best Buy Canada
Campfire Capital

“Her contagious energy, her ability to capture every detail and to celebrate every leader in the room as a human being with a unique and dynamic story.  I was in awe of the environment Steph created.”

– Sarah Kaler, Co-Founder SoulPowered

"She is the champion of redefining what is possible. When business or personal goals feel too big or scary, Steph is the one who can break down the barriers and make. them. happen! She pushes the edge, generates fresh perspectives, and makes a seriously delicious morning smoothie. I love working alongside her and it is an utter joy to also call her sis!"
"I call on Steph for truthbombs rooted in gnarly possibility, innovative ideas when feeling stuck or stale and the insistent voice to live bigger. And she delivers every time.  Be it in the conference room, on the race course or as a friend, she is an all-in type person and she operates from the heart.  Honored to have her in my tribe."
"Steph doesn’t just have energy, she is energy – creative, get it done faster, better, with more fun and with bigger results than you can imagine, infectious energy.  When you first meet Steph, you have to ask “is she for real?”  Having seen her deliver on everything from volume recruiting to building a talent brand, to powering through an Ironman race, I assure you that the answer is yes."
Aaron BernardiVP, IQ Partners
"Steph is all-in. Smart, passionate and caring, she can be counted on to thrive in situations that would beat most other people down.  Steph's dedication to others and her relentless pursuit of improvement characterize a very solid personal brand."
Didier ElzingerCEO, Culture Amp
"Steph is the unfathomable ball of energy that moves a group of people forward. No matter how many moving parts she knows what is important and marshals everyone's effort to move the needle in that direction."