[two_third]I believe in heart beats: elevated, sweaty and passionately pounding kind of beats. Ironman start lines currently wake me up in the morning on my journey as a rookie professional triathlete. As a 25x Ironman finisher and 3x Ironman World Championship qualifier, I believe that how you do anything is how I do everything. I am most passionate about uncovering the potential of people and tapping into what’s possible in untraditional, unconventional and totally innovative ways.  I believe that makes our hearts beat faster! And when you do what makes your heart beat faster, you will inevitably make a dent in the universe. You will inspire someone to move their body, dream a bigger dream or launch that business that was scribbled out on the back of a napkin. And together, we will change the world, one elevated heart beat at a time.[/two_third][one_third_last]Steph Corker[/one_third_last]